Day 1: An experiment

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So I thought I should try get some discipline in my lifestyle. I am generally a go with the flow person. I don’t plan my day-to-day life very well. My excuse has always been that I am too busy experiencing life to waste time on planning it. I think I am very low maintenance so I generally like my place in the world on most days.

But of late, life hasn’t been so great, I am feeling sluggish & hopeless. My head’s always aching and I can’t sleep at night. Happiness is not as easy somehow. So I decided I need to take control of my life and my mind and see where it leads me.

Duration: 108 days.

I thought 108 is short enough to keep this interesting and long enough to see concrete results. And it might also have to do with the fact that I just finished reading Eat, Pray and Love by Elizabeth Gilbert which is divided into 108 chapters. I didn’t like the book much, it seemed like a tiresome exercise in narcissism on the author’s part. Anyway the number 108 also has some sacred significance in Hinduism and I need all the luck I can get, so 108!

Tasks to do:


2)Go to the gym( 10 kg in 2 years, that’s how much I have put on, 6 in the last one year)

3)Eat Right

4)Write a post

5)Give a daily report on the blog

So starting today lets’ see:

14th August 2010

1) Pray: done

2)Gym: done

100 cal, 15 mins (good start?)

3)Eat right:

Lunch: rice, veggies

Snack: cheese zaatar

Dinner: veggies, Banana

4)Blog post: Done

I wasn’t sure I should give it out in writing that I was going to try this for 108 days, just in case I don’t see it through. My track record with stuff like this is embarrassing to say the least. I always start out with gusto and lose steam mid way. But now it’s up here and I want to finish this time.

So wish me luck. Also I am a newbie at the gyming-dieting and positivity thing. So suggestions are most welcome.


Closed doors

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Over the years, I have learnt pushing on doors which maybe marked ‘pull’ doesn’t work. No matter how long and hard you push.

Hell, it could even be those delicate sliding glass doors. Pushing on them can’t be too bright.

Now only if we could tell which is which.

When three is perfect

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 My mother keeps reminding me time and again, friendships don’t last, friends don’t stick around and from her vast experience she tells me, family trumps friendship everytime.

She may be right, who am I to disagree. But sometimes friendship is just what one needs. Whether it is to reminiscense the past, laugh at the present or discuss the future. And you know that right now you atleast have two other people who are on the same page with you. You don’t feel so alone.

The three of us aren’t very old friends, known each other for the past three years or so. But what we lost in time, we made up in intensity. We were together for the three most eventful years of our lives, seen incredible highs and despairing lows. And damn life, just keeps getting more and more interesting.  Now I understand the ancient chinese curse about living in interesting times.

B tells me “…its always the problems in our lives that bond us.. those frantic
phone calls for advice, emails that ask us to hang in there..” God seems to be doing us a big favour here then, but i wish he would stop now.

Life, individually, isn’t great for the three of us currently. Each of us, have our own shit to deal with. But i think that’s what made this visit special. Even if it was for a minute, life and it’s worries faded to the background. We laughed and we cried, we recreated the past and because we knew it was temporary, we cherished it even more.

So even if this doesn’t ‘stand the test of time’, I will always be glad i had this and them. Even if it is but for a moment.

The cursory curser

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Everyone does it sometime. My sister and I  bitch about my meddlesome aunt, my colleague and I rant over beer about the rude manager, students get together to make fun of their teachers. I understand. It’s a lot of fun. What I don’t understand is how some people do it ALL the time.

No matter who they meet, who the topic of conversation is, they always have negative things to say. They are constantly bitching, cursing & mocking away to glory. And what really gets my goat is, the inane stuff they ridicule  people about. Their clothes, their language skills, the way they look, their accent and how these people are astoundingly more stupid than their ‘elite’ selves.

And we are not talking about the ‘so busy to get with the cool’ teenager here. All of these people are responsible, mature, intelligent adults who probably have everything going for them. Where is the bitterness, if it is that, coming from??


•May 13, 2010 • 4 Comments

They taught me to believe in myself. Now they think i am arrogant.

They told me to be passionate about things that matter. Now they think I am over zealous.

They taught me to be strong enough to stand up to the world. Now they are hurt because  the world includes them.

They said i should fight for what i believe in. Now they think I am stubborn.

They educated me to learn right from wrong, good from bad. Now they question my judgement.

They said honesty is the best policy. Now they are schooling me to lie.

They hoped i would grow up to change the world. Now they dismiss me as an idealist.

They taught me to be self sufficient. Now they worry I don’t need them.

They taught me to open minded and tolerant. Now they think I am unrealistic

They gave me freedom to develop my wings. Now they complain I can fly.