They taught me to believe in myself. Now they think i am arrogant.

They told me to be passionate about things that matter. Now they think I am over zealous.

They taught me to be strong enough to stand up to the world. Now they are hurt because  the world includes them.

They said i should fight for what i believe in. Now they think I am stubborn.

They educated me to learn right from wrong, good from bad. Now they question my judgement.

They said honesty is the best policy. Now they are schooling me to lie.

They hoped i would grow up to change the world. Now they dismiss me as an idealist.

They taught me to be self sufficient. Now they worry I don’t need them.

They taught me to open minded and tolerant. Now they think I am unrealistic

They gave me freedom to develop my wings. Now they complain I can fly.


~ by Red on May 13, 2010.

4 Responses to “Why?”

  1. Nice! Parents, I assume? I’ve often felt the same way, though I never put it as well.

    • Hey Unmana, thanks! Yeah, parents.. sigh! But you can’t be mad at them for too long. You know they are doing their best to understand you and still somehow not getting there and you have to give it to them for trying.
      Maybe I am wrong but I think first borns get the hardest hit by the generation gap, by the time the second one comes along parents do tend to become more understanding. And then my sister wonders what the fuss was all about. hmmpf!
      PS: this is my first comment and I am thrilled!!! 🙂

  2. Depend, really, on how rebellious or conforming the first-born is! I came second, and don’t think I ever had it easy. In fact, I was often compared to how good my sister was, though of course I didn’t see it that way! And my father died some years ago right at the height of all the rebelling, so that makes my feelings even more conflicted!

    I hope you get lots of comments. Nice blog, though I must admit white on black font always makes my eyes hurt after a bit.

    • Hmmm, you know in our childhood I was always the good kid too, I think my sister grew up being told to behave like me. She was noisy, naughty and distracted and I sat there reading a book in the corner. But somewhere along the way we seem to have exchanged places atleast w.r.t how our parents treat us. She listens to my parents more now, it maybe because she shares their views on things or thinks it’s easier just to listen even if she doesn’t agree. But all of a sudden I am the problem child and it’s very weird.
      PS: I was having second thoughts about the template as well, will experiment with it a bit.

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