The cursory curser

Everyone does it sometime. My sister and I  bitch about my meddlesome aunt, my colleague and I rant over beer about the rude manager, students get together to make fun of their teachers. I understand. It’s a lot of fun. What I don’t understand is how some people do it ALL the time.

No matter who they meet, who the topic of conversation is, they always have negative things to say. They are constantly bitching, cursing & mocking away to glory. And what really gets my goat is, the inane stuff they ridicule  people about. Their clothes, their language skills, the way they look, their accent and how these people are astoundingly more stupid than their ‘elite’ selves.

And we are not talking about the ‘so busy to get with the cool’ teenager here. All of these people are responsible, mature, intelligent adults who probably have everything going for them. Where is the bitterness, if it is that, coming from??


~ by Red on June 7, 2010.

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