When three is perfect

 My mother keeps reminding me time and again, friendships don’t last, friends don’t stick around and from her vast experience she tells me, family trumps friendship everytime.

She may be right, who am I to disagree. But sometimes friendship is just what one needs. Whether it is to reminiscense the past, laugh at the present or discuss the future. And you know that right now you atleast have two other people who are on the same page with you. You don’t feel so alone.

The three of us aren’t very old friends, known each other for the past three years or so. But what we lost in time, we made up in intensity. We were together for the three most eventful years of our lives, seen incredible highs and despairing lows. And damn life, just keeps getting more and more interesting.  Now I understand the ancient chinese curse about living in interesting times.

B tells me “…its always the problems in our lives that bond us.. those frantic
phone calls for advice, emails that ask us to hang in there..” God seems to be doing us a big favour here then, but i wish he would stop now.

Life, individually, isn’t great for the three of us currently. Each of us, have our own shit to deal with. But i think that’s what made this visit special. Even if it was for a minute, life and it’s worries faded to the background. We laughed and we cried, we recreated the past and because we knew it was temporary, we cherished it even more.

So even if this doesn’t ‘stand the test of time’, I will always be glad i had this and them. Even if it is but for a moment.


~ by Red on June 16, 2010.

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